Full Version: Forum rules *read first*
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The premiere WW2 reenactment forum for German reenactors worldwide.

The rules posted below apply for the entire forum. The marketplace has an extra set of rules posted in it's respective section.

Units are allowed a thread of their own in the relevant Unit and Event Announcements-forum, where they can post info, links, photos and more.
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This forum is for WWII German reenactors who are looking to share information and discuss this fun and educational hobby. Members are encouraged to post questions and information about period popular culture, unit history, rations, tactics, event scenarios, the hobby as a whole, reproductions and material culture, etc.

No off-topic posts are allowed, period. Memes or other zero value posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

This is a forum to help reenactors and we expect to have members with every level of experience and expertise. Every question must be afforded respect. At the same time, reenactors are strongly encouraged to do basic minimum research before asking questions. There is a tremendous wealth of information online and a simple Google search can answer a great many questions. There have also been a lot of great discussions already here in this forum; you can enter key words like "boots" or "rations" in the search-motor and you may well find that your question has already been asked and answered. When looking to source something - BE SPECIFIC and list off the places you have searched for it with no avail.

"Hello all, I am looking for a page that has information on types of home front rations Germans would carry. I have searched this pages database, Facebook search, google, WAF, and panzergrenadier forum. Any help cheers!"
This sets a preface for the amount and area of research you have done and saves people from guesswork or being "snarky" by doing 5 minutes worth of cursory research for you.
Repeated postings of basic questions that could readily be answered with a simple search is abuse of this page and will result in removal from the group.

There are many other groups for sharing general historical information and WWII photos. Please do not use this page as a stream-of-consciousness blog for whatever random WWII thought that may happen to cross your mind. This forum is for reenactment discussion only.

If you have joined a reenactment unit, that is another resource that is likely to be much more beneficial than a Facebook group, for questions regarding gear. If you have not joined a unit, this is a necessary first step for getting started in this hobby, and it is wise to find a unit to belong to, before buying any gear at all.

Personal insults are never permitted and will lead to warnings, suspensions and bans. Anyone who takes anything posted on this page and reposts it elsewhere in a derogatory manner for the purposes of cyberbullying or harassment will be booted permanently, as will anyone who is trolling the forum. We all enjoy the same hobby and we are all here for the same thing, to help each other out.

A sense of humor is a must in this hobby but this forum is for serious discussion only and not for jokes. There are a few great hobby jokes and a lot of poor ones, but that's a subjective evaluation. Rather than decide when a joke is funny enough to be appropriate, it is more simple for the admin team to just delete them all.

Posts and comments pertaining to modern military service are simply not relevant or helpful and will be deleted.
Finally, this is not a place for political discussion. Discussion of modern politics is off-topic and will be removed. Any neo-Nazi political posts will immediately lead to permanent bans, no warnings will be given.