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  Rubber stamps ordered online
Posted by: kriegsmarrinan - 08-07-2020, 06:31 PM - Forum: General Reenactment Discussion - No Replies

Stamps aren’t just for paper! I recently tried to make a stencil of some text on a munitions crate. I failed miserably. So I decided to have a rubber stamp made. This was my first time having stamps made. I used rubberstampchamp.com on recommendation. Obviously none of these contain offensive symbols. Most websites I looked at had a disclaimer about refusal & cancelation of orders for trademark violation and anything they deem inappropriate. Not sure a feldpost stamp or party eagle would have made it through to production. 

I laid my work out in Microsoft Publisher using standard fonts and saved as jpg files. It was easy to upload and resize online. Thankfully the company showed how the stamp would look on paper. No worrying about reversing or mirror imaging anything. Most of the websites I looked at were smart about this. I originally was getting one stamp for the crates but to get free shipping I had to order $4 more. That ballooned until my order had doubled. $45 including shipping for 3 stamps in the USA. Placed an order Saturday & received Friday. I’m pretty happy. 

I tested these on paper and fabric with ink. The crate stamp was done with paint on the crate lids. I tried spreading paint out like an ink pad, but found it best to use a foam brush to apply paint directly to the stamp.  The dated stamp is for verbandpackchen. I decided to put 3 dates on it for a 3-in-1 stamp. What I will do is cover the unwanted dates with mask, apply ink, remove the mask & stamp my items. This is for versatility. 

[Image: CB72933-E-93-AC-46-E7-9-DD8-E9-B1-C8-A38-EBE.jpg]

Heeres-Munition stamp:
[Image: 4082-D62-A-FB43-45-C6-88-A2-2-DB65-E23-F09-A.jpg]
[Image: BB09184-F-D078-48-FD-9-F08-E9-E631-CF0360.jpg]

This is the example from Lux military antiques that I used as inspiration. 
[Image: 28185-BBB-7-AB4-405-D-A968-DBF13-A498-CD7.png]

[Image: D4-C67-D9-F-6274-4592-BA41-C09-B7-A1-EC839.png]

I sealed my crates with spar urethane so they will survive reenactment for years of outside use. The text is on the wood/sealer because it is an add on in my case. If I did this again I could ink stamp the bare wood. It might look better. After this success I may order a stamp for the Patronenkasten 900 as well.

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  Complete MG42 Gunners Pouch
Posted by: ColonelHogan - 08-05-2020, 11:07 PM - Forum: Weapons - No Replies

Today I’m sharing my gunners pouch. There were several different types of pouches issued and several different revisions to what went inside.
The bolt, extractor tool, barrel bag, starter tab, and Oiler are original. The flash hider wrench is wartime/ prewar but no originally Intended for it. The rest are reproductions. I chose the 1943 issued set to collect and recreate [Image: 12-D825-A9-FF6-E-4378-BE0-A-B169-EC895874.jpg][Image: 51113-A6-E-029-A-4-C94-8-DDA-38-EC4-F9-DDBBD.jpg][Image: A9183-CCE-5-BD0-45-F1-902-D-62-B6146895-F2.jpg]

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  Odessa, NY Western Front event Sept 11-13, 2020
Posted by: kriegsmarrinan - 07-26-2020, 11:04 PM - Forum: Unit and Event Announcements and Discussions - North America - No Replies

It’s that time of year again. Füsilier Bataillon 272 will be holding our Western Front event at our favorite site in Odessa, New York. Expect to have a full day in the field for the Saturday tactical. Included in registration is early access to the site, firewood, port-o-shitters, & field kitchen meal served Saturday evening. 

All of this is Covid dependent. NY State is constantly updating restrictions on gatherings and out of state visitors traveling to the state. Things may change several times before the event. We are planning to go forward with the event as planned. We will provide updates for registrants through Eventbrite & other appropriate outlets. If we cannot go forward, refunds will be issued for a canceled event. 

Event registration can be found here at Eventbrite - Odessa Western Front (click)

Also: we have had some interest from vehicle owners on attending. If you would like to bring a vehicle & have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  Storing blanks
Posted by: ColonelHogan - 07-12-2020, 12:23 AM - Forum: General Reenactment Discussion - Replies (6)

Hello everyone,
 For me, I’ve always had issues with blanks and how they are stored at events. I’ve had them in ziplock bags, loose, in a ammo can, or preloaded. Preloaded is how I normally kept them whether be on stripper clips in my ammo pouches or belted and in a ammo can. I decided during the corona season to find a zoney way to store blanks. My goal is to mimic someone in my groups approach of using a luftdichter crate. It held 1500 rounds and was zinc lined. It held 5 “battle packs” and those themselves held 300 rounds. Heres what my fellow member did
[Image: DBD94-C0-F-3-BBB-4-A8-F-87-DB-B9-A1326-BE3-DF.jpg]
I have only purchased one battle pack box which comes empty. They can be purchased at 
Now for the individual boxes, they can be purchased from numerous places and reenactors who make them themselves. 
I then put 8mm red tip blanks in each box. Here’s what I did.
[Image: 97-D03-F65-2-B40-4979-AB27-63-F0-DD0-A94-C3.jpg]
[Image: 88545-B94-8-C80-457-F-A491-3974-F98-C831-B.jpg][Image: 351886-F9-3-CE5-47-F1-A4-BB-4-C1063-C9-F2-BF.jpg]

[/url][Image: 9-D1-BBF41-55-DF-4-F71-90-DF-B8183261-A796.jpg][Image: 34-EECB5-D-88-F8-42-AD-BB9-C-DDF38662-B664.jpg]

[Image: C56-B7-FA2-6290-4-AA4-B5-B1-1144030-CA0-D7.jpg]

[url=https://postimg.cc/LJtFgbCS]These boxes can be seen in original photos as well
[Image: D51-CD656-FB3-B-4317-81-DB-FC07-B15-ABCAF.jpg]

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  Waffenmeister Modified MG42 bipod
Posted by: ColonelHogan - 07-03-2020, 10:26 PM - Forum: Weapons - No Replies

Hello everyone,
After reviewing my Mg42 book. I realized I have a early MG bipod that was modified by a waffenmeister.
Below is the mg42 at it’s easy model. It has features such as a Bakelite stock, slab sided charging handle and bipod similar to the mg34. It also has mounted prong for the bipod to connect.

[Image: D878-DF2-B-FC1-D-4-B76-9603-34-D0-D44-BEBB8.jpg]

[Image: 52-FAFF01-FF2-E-4684-AA25-22-B042-ADCA72.jpg]
Above is the message and diagram of how a waffenmeister modified the bipod to fit a mg42 after the modification message came out.[Image: 138-E4-A13-2895-4-D0-E-8-FBB-154-F7-A241-BC9.jpg]

[Image: 171523-BD-E60-E-4-ACE-B71-F-4-FCFA04666-C8.jpg]

[Image: 7-ECE201-D-6-C8-C-4-CE3-9-BD6-01-B440146-E74.jpg]

[Image: E38-F3333-49-AE-41-C7-902-D-D790-A06-F33-B5.jpg]

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  Removing Fabric Glue From Caps?
Posted by: upbeat deadbeat - 06-29-2020, 09:38 PM - Forum: Uniforms and Field Equipment - Replies (3)

Got a nice cap, but the maker glued the insignia on it before sewing. As such, it's not coming off so easily. Is there anything I can use on the remaining glob of glue to remove it without damaging the wool?

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  Immersion: DRIVE ON CAEN October 9-11 2020 Enfield NC
Posted by: Legion 1-1 - 06-29-2020, 01:56 AM - Forum: Unit and Event Announcements and Discussions - North America - No Replies

Drive on Caen: Epsom, has officially rescheduled for the weekend of 9-11 October 2020. Registration will be open as of today 19 March 2020, cost is going back to $35 until August 31 2020. On 1 September the price will increase to $40.

Since the majority of the event preparations have already been completed. We are taking this time to fine tune the smaller details and bring in some bigger items to the event.

We have listened to some feedback we have received thus far. We will be streamlining the registration document. The documents content is not changing just the format that will have links to sub categories of information such as safety etc to allow it to be an easier read.

We want to thank all those that are already registered for their amazing support with this date change. Those that registered during the $40 increase between 1 March until yesterday, will recieve a special gift in the form of mail/feldpost package during the event.

Event Staff
German Coordinator: Scott Shoop
British Coordinator: Jeffrey Foster

Please go to:


Main event information group

British impression group

German impression group
Once registered you will be invited to this Facebook group.

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  100th Jager Division and source pictures
Posted by: West - 06-25-2020, 07:05 PM - Forum: General Reenactment Discussion - No Replies

Good evening everyone!

I am hoping to find some help. My unit does a 100th Jager-Pioniere impression.
A year or more ago, back when the old facebook ww2 page was up there was a gentleman that helped source a tremendous amount of pictures of the 100th using HBT tropical uniforms and also the use of Sumpftarn.

I unfortunately have no access to that page anymore as it was taken down, nor can I find anything online via google or the American 100th Jager unit as they are unresponsive. If anyone has any leads on where I could get more in depth information, or better yet pictures of the 100th (and hopefully of sumpftarn in use) I would GREATLY appreciate it. Anything helps!

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  Post Your Displays
Posted by: ColonelHogan - 06-24-2020, 02:10 PM - Forum: General Reenactment Discussion - No Replies

As the title states, post your displays whether it be original or re-enactment. 
[Image: AFCDA16-D-43-F4-4717-BC94-EF4-FE2232-FC8.jpg]

[Image: BF02-A850-B421-40-F7-8-F42-2-A7-CB8-E493-A7.jpg]

[Image: D1-F9-D5-DE-1708-47-F7-A0-AD-8-DD53257128-B.jpg]

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  Assorted items for sale
Posted by: ColonelHogan - 06-22-2020, 10:25 PM - Forum: Marketplace - Replies (4)

Hello all
Im selling these items. On Friday, they will posted to EBay.  Buyer pays shipping.

Panther store white drillach set-$130
Size 40 bluse
Size 32 trousers
[Image: 188-AB597-FE73-4-DF2-BC84-725-B6620-A0-FC.jpg]

[Image: 3-AB5-FF48-58-D3-4425-9-A8-F-57476-D418-A38.jpg]

[Image: 6-E753218-DFD3-4-A41-A6-D2-697-B8-B70-BD03.jpg]

[Image: D53-BE21-E-FD5-F-47-A8-A5-C3-C8-DE52019-DDF.jpg]

[Image: EE5-A21-B1-C24-E-4418-8-BE7-938-FA8247-ECE.jpg]

[Image: F16316-F7-211-A-47-C0-BE20-142059-ACA4-F0.jpg]

Post war mg42 bipod-$40
[Image: 674-E88-C0-53-F6-4-EFC-99-FF-255-B91134-A3-B.jpg]

[Image: 7746-DD98-5-BB8-4-B84-B77-E-E0-B39-C9-B3-D6-D.jpg]

Agfa b2 cadet box camera(tested and works great)-$20
[Image: 06650-FEB-E44-B-4-A0-F-A4-F6-1174-A98-D0-B83.jpg]

[Image: 82639336-3381-48-AC-8-F96-DFE6-F761-CEF9.jpg]

[Image: 9-F1-FB9-F2-451-B-426-C-A807-E277-F9304-C81.jpg]

[Image: BAC36-EA0-5793-4693-901-C-B2-D136762-BE4.jpg]

[Image: CE617927-91-D0-46-AB-AD36-61-B1-C10-E0345.jpg]

[Image: E80-AF592-7-D7-C-41-E4-96-A3-736-B6-DB8-D5-A2.jpg]

[Image: E944-E9-BE-7-D80-4-BE5-A315-07-A7-EDDB360-E.jpg]

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