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Say hi to the forum here!  Smile

I'll kick it off. I'm Erwin Kretschmer, or Lasse in real life. I reside in Norway and love reenacting.
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Hi forum Big Grin
Sorry to see the old FB group get snuffed ironically by an organization which is intolerant of voices it disagrees with...
Anyway, call me Matthias, to be brutally honest I’m more poseur/lurker than reenactor, st least for the time being, but I enjoy collecting weapons/gear when I can afford, and learning from/contributing to the community whenever possible.
I am reasonably competent at making repro wood signs (as for units/organizations/locations) but I’ll save that for the future and a more appropriate thread.

My primary interests are Jägers and Gebirgsjägers, Propagandakompanie, Stalingrad, and the Ostfront in general.
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Good evening everyone,

My name is Alexander Bartoli (Gerhard Gräber, Rttn.)

I am excited we now have this secure platform to share and grow our knowledge for German WWII reenacting. I am located in Michigan and have a couple impressions:  ,,Der Führer” Rgt. Div Das Reich and U-505. My son also portrays a refugee during the closing months of the war.

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Saying hi from Florida!

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Hello everyone My name is Dan been reenacting roughly 11ish years and reside in the Chicago land area I do two impression one is of be 3. Gebirgsjäger Division 139th and the other is of 17thSS GVB
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Hello everyone.  My name is Henry, and I live in London.  My primary focus when it comes to German reenactment is my Kriegsberichter portrayal, although I am also slowly putting together a propagandakompanie sonderfuhrer portrayal as well.  I enjoy using period cameras at events, (usually Leica and Zeiss), and I look forward to contributing to the forum.
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Hello, im william, i currently help run a gd unit i the uk
Hello, I'm Wouter from Belgium. I'm a member of Frontleven (Der Panzergrenadier on facebook).
I'm looking forward to learn and contribute so that this forum may prosper.
Hello everyone,
I'm Gordon from Hong Kong and just a beginner in this hobby. Looking forward to learn more and seeing this forum expand!

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